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Further, the family portrayed egocentrism whereby they lived luxurious lives at the expense of the business; the whole team displayed omnipotence and omniscience traits.

The founders of the company were charged with security violations whereby five officers were accused of wrongdoing, while the other two were found guilty, that is, John Rigas and his son Timothy Rigas. However, the discovered that this accounting scandal differed from others that had occurred earlier in that the family never sold their stock, unlike other scandalous culprits.

This paper aims at evaluating the mechanisms of corporate governance currently at work in the United States.

The paper argues that the evidence provided by the existing corporate governance literature supports the following propositions: 1) the legal and regulatory framework actually restrains the scope for expropriating minority shareholders, though at the cost of inhibiting institutional investor activism; 2) as a rule, the board of directors do not comply with their mandatory duty of overseeing management, although some progress has recently been made, with directors in several companies becoming less submissive to chief executive officers; 3) the market for corporate control encounters a great number of difficulties (ranging from legal hurdles to high transaction costs and to serious free-riding problems), which are sufficient to cast a cloud on its reliability as a means of repressing managerial inefficiencies and rent-seeking; 4) competition in the product and capital markets is likely to produce effects only in the long-run.

Rigas established the firm with a license worth three hundred U. dollars in 1952 and later made the company public in 1986, and developed it by acquiring other systems in the early 1990s. The court found out that the family management used a complicated cash system that compromised transparency whereby they would transfer money to different family-owned entities to cover up for pocketing one hundred million U. Evidence showed that the firm was trying to hide some inconvenient facts until they could be righted, which was against the law, and it was not an ordinary crime (Bishop 42).

In 2002, the business collapsed following the firm’s bankruptcy after disclosing a 2.3 billion U. The second son of John Rigas, commonly known as Michael, was the former vice president of the corporation and was accused of conspiracy and fraud in 2005.

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Kevin brings more than 15 years of professional experience to his role as Director for KCC Mass Tort Administration Services.

The Trust has established a Record Date for purposes of this distribution of October 18, 2016

Upon distribution, a letter with additional information concerning the distribution will be delivered to holders and will be made available in the "Important Documents Adelphia Recovery Trust" section of Adelphia's website at data-reactid="12"A chart summarizing the distribution of cash to be made to each series of interests in the Trust is available in the "Important Documents Adelphia Recovery Trust" section of Adelphia's website at

The Trust will be terminated upon completion of the winding up [email protected]       " data-reactid="14"Interest holder inquiries regarding Trust distributions under the Plan should be directed to [email protected]

About Adelphia Recovery Trust The Adelphia Recovery Trust is a Delaware Statutory Trust formed pursuant to the First Modified Fifth Amended Joint Chapter 11 Plan of Reorganization of Adelphia Communications Corporation and Certain Affiliated Debtors, which became effective February 13, 2007.


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