Datingsimulator7 1

There should not be any new bugs, as I have not made any new changes to the code, but if you find any, or if you know of old bugs, feel free to leave them in the comments.

But how is a 27 year old to take care of a 17 year old and a 6 year old when you're still trying to take care of yourself?

The primary changes made since the beta release: New Lingerie store pictures, new mountain drive pictures, including strip club exterior.

Fixed a bug preventing you from getting to the lake, fixed a load bug in the rock paper scissors game, and redid some link maps that better fit the new pictures.

Perkara tersebut menjadi perkara yang wajib aku lakukan sebelum aku tidur.

Biasanya sebelum aku tidur, pasti aku menyusun bantal-bantalku di birai katil menyandari palang katil yang menghalang aku dari terjatuh ke lantai ketika tidur.


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