Emma watson dating logan lerman

The actor said it was "disappointing" the film had been banned in some Muslim countries, and hoped religious groups who have called the movie blasphemous would change their mind if they saw it."I think once they saw it, I think religious groups would start liking it and realising it's a good telling of the story," he said.

The actor's comments follow co-star Emma Watson's defence of the film last week, who said the story "had to be adapted" from the original Genesis account to work on the big screen.

We invited Lerman, who was in New York putting his pants on after our shoot, to call Shannon, who was in New Orleans filming Jeff Nichols's sci-fi drama , and talk about his first time (on screen). I was getting tied up and beaten up, all that good stuff—everything that makes movies exciting. LERMAN: I've had photographers who tried to direct me like that and I just can't do it. There's something about 24 frames per second that's more freeing. not to mention they threw this beautiful, naked model in the middle of this shoot.

The 26-year-old actress slayed in an all-white outfit as she hit the pink carpet for the big night at Arc Light Cinemas on Monday (April 17) in Hollywood.

I'll answer that question for you, because I'm an all-seeing, all-knowing dating guru in my spare time. Emma can charm the hell out of anyone with ears and a heart, while Harry gets crotch tattoos and flashes them in public.

Emma went to Brown University, and Harry…well let's just stop here and call a spade a spade, shall we? Besides, we've seen what happens to Harry's girlfriends when they go on dates, and honestly, it looks like zero fun.

Lerman said he had no concerns about starring in a film which paints Noah as a "great environmentalist" and strays from the original Genesis account."When I first read the script I wasn't concerned about it being different to the Biblical original.

When I found out there was a project out there, I was like, I've got to do this.

People clap, speeches are made, they take a picture together, and BOOM. You're not using your good ol' noggin there, buddy. I'm all for a good fictional ship, especially if it involves myself and Logan Lerman, but let's think about this for a second.

Would you really want to see Emma Watson and Harry Styles date IRL? Emma is a big, walking ball of class, and Harry spends his time avoiding combs and dressing like a '70s-era pimp.

He added he thought the film might help young people re-engage in religious stories and "see them in a new way than they had before".

The 22-year-old, who plays Noah's second son Ham, was initially surprised when he first heard Aronofsky was writing a movie about a Biblical story, but said he liked his "vision"."When I first heard Aronofsky was doing a Biblical epic I thought 'really? ' He's always doing the unexpected though and I really wanted to aid his vision," he said.


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