Lee byung hun song hye kyo dating

South Korean actress Song Hye Kyo (송혜교) is adored by many fans around the world. I used to have many friends to hang out with when I was young.

She is beautiful, kind, smart ,and is currently the most-wanted woman in the entertainment industry. I had so many that I could not take care of all of them. I became increasingly cautious in terms of relationships to the degree that I only hang out with those who can tolerate anything that I do.

Song Hye Kyo was involved in 2 high-profile relationships with her fellow co-stars Lee Byung Hun (from “All In”) in 2003 and Hyun Bin (from “The World That The Live In”) in 2009.

Although both relationships didn’t manage to last till marriage, the actress seems to be handling single life very well.

The actress stated that she is quite optimistic about it and will surely do her best in love as she claimed that she gives her all when she is in a relationship.

Given the age of the actress, fans really want her get married as soon as possible.

There were nasty rumors about him before but because he’s reclusive, people will never know.

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During the interview with the magazine, the 35-year old actress revealed about her view on love.Ibu dari Lee Byung Hun menginginkan keduanya cepat menikah, namun Song Hye Kyo tidak memenuhinya karena ingin fokus pada pekerjaan.Selanjutnya tahun 2009, ia mengakui bahwa telah berkencan dengan Hyun Bin.I cry if something bad happens, I grab a drink with friends when I get stressed out, I travel, I sometimes lash out at my closest friends,” said the actress when she was asked about her current life as a top actress.Besides that, she also mentioned that over time after a drama or movie finishes, she just likes to do nothing and recover because acting can sometimes make her feel exhausted.Tiga drama televisi yang ia bintangi saat berumur 20 tahun mendapat rating lebih dari 40 persen.


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