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One should assume that all metal jewelry has some amount of nickel in it unless it made of stainless (surgical) steel, is either 18- or 24 carat gold, is sterling silver, or pure platinum.Once your nickel allergy is confirmed, it is essential to avoid contact with nickel-containing metals.That will keep the handles to the file valid and working so that pre-existing instances still will be able to access the file properly and new instances (or new handles) wil go to the new file.Obviously, if a program re-opens the same dll file and expects it to stay exactly the same (for instance, if there is resources to be loaded from the dll and that references to these resources is extracted from code running when the dll is loaded), this will cause issue but this is definitely not the norm.If you come across any issues with these changes, please post a comment in the forum.I have several game servers that use a certain file to run.It is pretty clear that Microsoft originally intended to ship a broader capability.

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That all this takes just a 19K DLL (64-bit, release build) and some registry settings tells you how close Microsoft got.

News: this project will continue to be maintained and supported after Code Plex shuts down.

I’m still researching candidates for the new host, as the default recommendation, Git Hub, does not support Discussions.

For example yellow gold may be alloyed with silver and copper, whilst white gold is usually alloyed with nickel.

Rhodium, a silvery white metal related to platinum, is often used to plate yellow gold to make it into white gold.


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