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If there were a Pocket Field Guide to Dating Musicians, it would read like this: This species can best be viewed in its natural habitat, under the colored lights of nightclub stages — and in the drier months, anywhere there’s free beer. Take solace, Bass Players, someone appreciates us ! To Indy readers Starshine represents the ideal of the prototypical Santa Barbara housewife.

It doesn't matter if you're a band seeking a guitarist or a singer looking for a band to join, Find-a-Musician has them all!

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There are options for pianists of all stripes, from jazz, to pop, to classical to film scores.You’ve got to be yourself.” Speaking on an outside stage in Cannes, (“It is hot as f–k up here”) he said that the advertising world must not close its eyes to different young talent.He said, “Man when you see a kid like me, or just a kid that has this unorthodox look to him, don’t second guess him, that kid with the crazy hair and the holes in his sneakers, that kid is a stoner but he is actually a genius, you never know if you are looking at the next Steve Jobs.It takes less than a minute to create your ad and then you can search through the musicians classified ads for exactly the musicians in your local area you want to make your musical dreams come true!With more and more musicians registering everyday you're sure to find the musicians you want in no time at all.At the front stands the lead singer, scientific name , a close relative of the peacock. The one standing in the shadows with the quiet intensity and the booming, low-slung bass? You interviewed me once after the Santa Barbara Concerts in the Park ! It bothers people to think of her having a plan B and a bass player.


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