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The Breakfast Club was one of Judd’s first films, back in 1985.Since then he has had one long list of credits to his name. Elmo’s Fire, Suddenly Susan, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, and most recently, his role as Billy Beretti in Empire.Charlie Sheen will sit down for a interview with Matt Lauer on Today Tuesday morning - and it's understood the hard partying actor with a penchant for drugs, prostitutes and orgies will confirm reports that he is HIV positive.Sheen, 50, has spent most of the past year out of the spotlight and has not appeared on television since his show Anger Management went off the air in 2014 save a guest appearance on the ABC comedy The Goldbergs in February.Once we found our list, we wanted to see what these actors are up to now, years from their role as the resident oppressor; you would be amazed at what they look like now.

Rachel says, "He would have to do some major apologizing to get back in my good graces, that's for sure." No word from Tiger, but remember, when he was banging Rachel he was at the top of his game.The ex-boyfriend of one of the women allegedly exposed to HIV from Sheen told the Enquirer; 'Charlie bought her a house in Calabasas and put her on his payroll to keep quiet.Now she’s married, and she and her husband are living off Charlie.' An email that was released in the wake of the Sony hack from March of 2014 included a link to an article reporting that Sheen was having trouble on the set of his show Anger Management, and the sender wrote 'it's hard to to be a drug addict and be HIV positive and do 40 eps a year.'Nik Richie, who runs the site The Dirty, also revealed on Monday that a lawsuit filed by Sheen against the site after they reported he was HIV positive had been dropped according to lawyer Marty Singer.Stories are usually built on the dynamic between good and bad, naughty and nice, which translates to a main protagonist and their evil nemesis, or in our case, a bully.We collected the ‘best’ bullies from hit films that did justice to the concept of someone inflicting pain and trouble onto the good guy.The Enquirer also reportedly obtained a text message sent by Mueller to Sheen's former assistant which reads; 'I couldn’t handle the HIV news.


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