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Mr Roberts said the child had probably rolled off the bed in his sleep and was unlikely to have suffered.

'He told us that most children have a 75 per cent chance of surviving the virus, but because Lillie was so small, she had just a two per cent chance.

We went to get some fresh air and when we came back a lady doctor took us into a room and told us that Lillie-Mai would not survive the day. They said that if she had another cardiac arrest they would not intervene.

They told us she was clinically dead and that it would be best to switch off the life support machine.

Having pulled him away from where he was lodged against the wall, she carried him to a neighbouring house where Christine Scholey, a trained first aider, tried to resuscitate him while an ambulance was dispatched.

But when she passed it on to the child’s mother, Kerry Holding, the wall-side barrier was not fitted.

Relatives were unsure what had happened to it but thought that since the bed was pushed up against a wall any child using it would be safe.

My interest in the undersea landscape of the Solway arose when David Kelly gave me a “geology tutorial” while we scrambled up and down the cliffsbelow Sandwith near St Bees’.

At the bottom of the cliff we stood on a purplish-red sandstone that was older than the red sandstone of St Bees’ – this was the “coal measures” or “Whitehaven” sandstone, dating from nearly 300 million years ago, and so-called because it overlies the deep coal-seams that stretch from Whitehaven and Maryport, out to the Isle of Man.


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